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The causes of stress in students can be both academic and non-academic factors. Previously it was considered that only academic factors are responsible for the increasing stress in students. But non-academic factors like family and other social connections also play an important role in causing stress in students.
            The causes of stress on students are generally as follow:

Lack of time:
Lack of time has always been a cause of stress. Time is not utilized properly by the students during the semester. The reasons may be procrastination or involvement in extra-curricular activities. Due to this the students are compelled to do a last-minute-rush. In each semester, the marks of students are distributed through the mid-term exams, assignments and practical journals they submit. If the student misses any one of them their marks are deducted. Moreover if they have joined classes they do not get sufficient time to complete their required tasks.
Since morning the students attend the college and classes in the evening. Most of the free tine is lost in travelling from home to college or extra classes. If they are participating in extra-curricular activities then they miss the lectures and practical’s. So during the end of the semester they are not able do their submissions and perform well in vivas. As a result the tension increases and the stress level also increases.

The students cannot concentrate on their studies in the preparatory leave and perform poor in exams. If they KTs in the exam they get more stressed. As a result the lack of time for

preparation causes severe effects on the performance of the students in the exams. Necessary steps like time management should be undertaken.

      Vast syllabus:

In Engineering, CA, BMS fields, the subjects are vast and complicated. If a student cannot understand the subject it becomes very difficult for him to score in the subject. To understand the subject well he may join classes which will make him consume time. Hence, the large syllabus and lack of time constitute a vicious circle. All the subjects in such courses are independent. As a result equal time has to be distributed for each subject.
Otherwise, it may cause a jumble in all subjects. The student may get less marks or even KTs. This may add up to the upcoming semester and so the subjects become ever increasing. The student may also dropout of that academic year. Thus vast syllabus becomes an important cause in building up stress.

         Parents Pressure :

Parents always dream of their children to become successful in life. Therefore, they are always coaxing the children to give best performance in the examination. Sometimes parents fail to understand the situation the child is going through. Some of the parents do not consider the interest of the child. They have the ideology that only they know whats best for the child. The student’s loss of interest may affect his concentration. The dislike for the subject affect the performance in exams. This makes the parents unhappy and make them have an impression that the child is not studying properly. Due to misunderstanding, it may affect the social connection of the student with the parents.
It is required that the student should discuss his situation with his parents. Parents should consider the interests of child of what carrier he wants to follow in future. The child will not become a good engineer if he is not interested in engineering but was compelled to follow it due his parent’s wishes. Thus parent’s pressure also increases stress on students.

 Peer Pressure:
              Peer pressure is an outcome of groupism. It refers to influence exerted by a group to change his attitudes, behavior and habits. A person is affected by peer pressure that may or may not belong the group. The person’s thoughts may get adulterated and adversely affect his lifestyle. It is common that many students in colleges spend a large amount of time in groups. The person unwillingly changes his lifestyle so as to suit with the group or he may be pressured to do so, so as to remain in the group.
             Peer pressure coaxes a person to undertake malpractices and immoral practices. These may include stealing question papers, hooliganism, smoking, taking drugs like heroin and marijuana etc. These may affect the students personality and health. He may be expelled from examination or college and can even be prosecuted.
           These practices may also affect his immune system. He will be prone to dreadful diseases which will further affect his academic performance. This will increase his stress level further. In response to this, he will increase his consumption of stimulants or drugs further deteriorating his health. This makes peer pressure a serious cause for stress in college students.        

          Homesickness :

Many students come to college from different parts of the state of country. They leave their loving family at their home and live in hostels or rent rooms. As a result a feeling of loneliness is always there in their minds. The place, the people, the food of that place is very different and new for them. There is always some fear regarding the place they visit. They have to adjust to the surrounding.
As there is no backing of parents, sometimes the students take undue advantage of the freedom. They may not concentrate on studies and waste huge amount of time with their friends. Some may not concentrate due to frequent remembrance of their family back home. Due to these reasons, they may may excel poor in exams. These tensions keep on increasing along the academic years.         


 In the recent years, open- mindedness has been in development in India. The students of the colleges might be involved in relationships with other students. These students may include the students studying in same college or same hostels. Stress builds up when there relations interfere in the normal flow in student’s lifestyle. The student may start thinking of what his/her parents will think of their affairs. This breaks up the concentration of the students. They cannot concentrate effectively on their studies. As a result, the stable mind of the student is imbalanced due to these reasons and provides poor performances further increasing their stress level.      

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